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Default Re: 1996 Bulls vs 2001 Lakers who would win??????

Originally Posted by Baretta + Glock
Pippen better then Kobe????? r u crazy bro Kobe is the 2nd best player ever. after MJ, and No lakers wouldnt win..... the 96-98 bulls are the best team ever

LMFAO! Pippen was a better defender, rebounder, playmaker, passer AND he was more efficient. Did Kobe ever average 8.7 rpg or 7 apg in a season? NO. Did Kobe ever get to the WCF as the leader of a team or take a loaded Knicks team to 7 games as a first option? NO. Kobe wasn't even the best player on his team much less of all time. Shaq was much better than Kobe. Shaq had 38 ppg and 16.7 rpg in the 2000 finals while Kobe had like 15 ppg on like 35% shooting. The next year Shaq put up similar numbers in the finals against DPOY Mutombo and Kobe shot like 39% again.
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