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Default Re: 1996 Bulls vs 2001 Lakers who would win??????

Originally Posted by WeJustNeedaRing
First of all ur just huge vince carter dick rider. And second kobe like the man said is the best thing since jordan played. Kobe would make pippen look like a little baby on the court. Dont ever say Scottie Pippen is even close to kb24, bryant is the most powerful scorer we have in the game today, all pippen did was ride jordans back every year.

First of all what does me being a VC fan have to do with anything. Kobe is not the best thing since Jordan otherwise he wouldn't have been the SECOND BEST player on that 3peat team! What does Kobe do better than Scottie besides shooting and scoring? NOTHING. Pippen was a SUPERIOR defender, passer, rebounder, playmaker and he was more versatile and efficient. I don't recall Kobe shooting 50% in a season.
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