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the NFL is full of punks. A lot of these guys are pure SCUM (like T.O.) yet the NBA is the one with the "image problem?" ARE YOU SERIOUS? DON'T YOU ****ING TELL ME THAT THE NBA IS FULL OF PUNKS! The NFL is FULL of trashy individuals, egomaniac coaches, and conversative souless owners. I have come to the conclusion that football fans only care about being entertained, and that they could care less about the trouble that players get into. If you can run a great post route, who really gives a **** if you beat your wife, eh? This holds true in most sports. If you can perform well, noone cares about your baggage. However, it seems to be more true in the NFL. I like football, don't get me wrong. However, I am sick of some of these THUGS that should be behind bars, NOT earning millions! I am also sick of the perception that the NBA is somehow worse than the NFL pertaining to this!

Every sport is full of punks.......every sport has punks and good guys, just like pretty much any profession. Don't tell you the NBA is full of punks??? They are all over the place. What are you talking about?

The bolded part......i know you're just making a sweeping generalization (which I sometimes do too), and you can criticize T.O. for a lot of things, but he's neither violent nor a criminal. He's just one of the biggest a-holes I can remember in sports. Yet and still a part of me wishes he were a Redskin, but I just don't think he'd succeed anywhere now. Maybe the Patriots.
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