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TO is a strange guy.....

his talent is incredible, but I dont understand why at this point he doesnt get himself in order and stop being a distraction at least for a season...

I think he was hurt by being released from the Eagles...He likes to run his yap and then redeem himself on the field....but with the Eagles suspending him last year, he was deprived of his chance to show his positives...that makes it even more baffling as to why the guy doesnt fall in line with Parcells....Bill Parcells could really help TO reach that level of achievement that Hall of famers get to....But he is playing more games for some odd reason...I enjoyed having TO on the Eagles, but he had worn out his welcome and it was time for him to go....These recent developments have Eagles fans and the team alike snickering to ourselves...The guy is insane...i like TO's competiveness, but he is overshadowing his play with his off the field non-sense....Its makes less sense for him to be this way...for all the negative attention he gets himself, he may as well be commiting crimes and wyldin out.....
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