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Default Re: The *OFFICIAL* Europe vs. Canada thread

Originally Posted by FCardelle
These stupid white American men are not only absolutely ignorant about European basketball, they are happy to show off their ignorance.

It is sad that an American league has got the best basketball players, because that is the only in which NBA is better than European Basketball.
We have to stand those absurd rules that make the NBA half sport half show. Because the nba is more about show than about basketball. If you want to watch true basketball you have to look at European basketball... if it is not tactically too difficult to understand to you, stupid white American men.

And we have to stand David Stern who forbade freedom of speech to players and coaches. And you think that America is the land of freedom, you stupid white american men. The players can't even choose where to play...

And please, stop talking about "Euroleague". That is just a cup, not even a league, you ignorant.

Uh you know we're Canadian right?

Seriously, you should be banned for this shit. If European basketball is so great, stop following the NBA. Go watch your crappy league and don't come back here. You contribute nothing to this board.
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