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Default Re: Is it morally correct to lie?

Originally Posted by RidonKs
Eh, you're avoiding the question, so I'll just jump right to the point. You wouldn't feel good about it because you'd be hurting people. Point blank. It's the difference between throwing a grenade into the Grand Canyon and throwing it into a dining room while Mr. and Mrs. Brown are having Sunday dinner. You're causing pain to people just as someone else could conceivably cause pain to you. You feel guilt, you feel remorse, and you wouldn't do it.

You can slide that thought process down to "lesser" evils, which still do wrong to others. That's how you create a universal barometer, but citing the cause of the guilt in the horrendous act, and applying it to other situations.

Mind you, there's a perfectly logical counter argument that I wouldn't know how to counter (at least, yet), but I don't have time to get into it. Maybe later.

You find it very easy to come to other people's conclusions. lol

Won't serve you very well as you grow older. Relationships and such (you know, girls).
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