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thank you-

now, what do you do with that?

i still believe the nuggets stand at least a 75% chance of making the playoffs o this day3-23, but either way---
it seems to be a pretty tricky roster to deal with-

sticking with the current group probobly means bringing in one role player free agent and losing one of najera/jr smith- possibly both

moving any one of the large contract players may necessitate shaking up the entire roster- i believe moving k-mart or iverson may need camby involved

say you are the gm of the nugs- what do you do with this sqaud, do you keep it intact or do you shakeup the roster?- who do you bring back? who do you trade? what are you looking for?

first off, maybe because i dont write the checks- i see no reason in paticular you need to try to cut salary cap space- we are too far over- it might? take years-however youd deifinitly want to have better cap management

in my mind the 4 building blocks to this teams future should melo,camby,nene, and jr smith- i also see bringing najera back as a no-brainer

klieza,atkins,steven hunter are all able to contibute on a winning team& are under great contracts and should be brought back- unless needed in a trade

& as minimum wage player i would bring back yakouba and have a non-gauranteed spot for ac as a 3rd/4th pg
so this leaves my team looking like this

pg-chucky atkins/ac
sg-jr smith/yakouba
sf- carmelo anthony/klieza
pf- nene/najera
c- marcus camby/hunter

that leaves iverson and kmart for me to trade and either 4,5,or six spots to fill

am i trying to blame them? - no , im just saying they are the chips that are worth something so im putting them on the table- but i say again i worry that camby would be the biggest chip possible in deals

but more importantly is what im looking for to add to the 8-10 i have-
2- at least 1 pf and 1 c probobly a third other big(at least one of the as a 3 point shooter)
3-at least one more cosistant gaurd who can shoot and defend

i start the process nowing that there are 2-3 maybe a couple other gaurds in this years draft that i really like- and that there are some fa's i really want also
1-d rose memphis pks 1-2
1.5-r westbrook ucla pks 5-15
3- oj mayo usc pks 3-10

fa- favorites-ron artest -josh smith- ben gordon- jose calderon- bostjon nachbar- artest is an opt out ufa. is calderon ufa? the rest are rfa which would need sign&trades

i start the entire process on day 1 of free agency by expending the mid level exemption on micheal doleac and gerald green

heres the first trade i attempt to trade k-mart or iverson to the chicago bulls or the toronto raptors- i want hinrich or gordon or both- or jose calderon(*gordon and calderon are free agents*so these would be sign and trades)

heres how i market kmart to the anyone but the bulls specifically(and maybe the raptors,nets,knicks,la,atl)- is that kmart comes off the books in the year of lebron& dwade free agency- this also leads to packaging ai or camby (who come off the cap 1 year before that)

i would trade kmart straight up for- (if theres a taker)
kirk hinrich
jose calderon if rfa
ben gordon
lamar odom

i would package kmart and iverson together for-
josh smith& their 1st(#15-19)& atls garbage contracts
lamar odom and radmonivic

or heres where the shocker trade comes in

iverson- marbury& knicks choice of dlee or their 1st

this i believed is turned down and leads to adding kmart to this deal

ai and kmart packaged together to ny knicks for marbury and the #5 pick& jerome james who i cut

so id go iveron&kmart for either hinrich and gordon or marbury and dlee or the #5

the only way i EVER package camby is possibly- maybe
camby for josh smith
camby&ai for marbury dlee and#5
camby&ai&kmart for gordon/hinrich/tyrus t&#10ish pick

ok i have to pick-i traded ai and kmartfor hinrich&ty thomas&#10

heres my final roster i believe possible and perfect( i cant make you keep reading)
here is my training camp roster
pg-k hinrich
sg-jr smith
sf- melo

tyrus thomas
g green
chuck atkins
steven hunter
m doleac
#10- haseem thabeet 7-2 c unconn
#14- russell westbrok 6-5 pg ucla
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