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Default has any team OFFICIALLY 100% ever TANKED a season?

Can anyone give me 97% proof of this (I won't say 100% since you'd have to be a insider to know that). I mean what's the understanding of something like this, do the coaches pretty much say something like,

"ok don't forget, we're taking this season, so please try not to win tonight, pleasssssee."

So who exactly is in on this? I can't see an entire roster of 12 players WILLINGLY going along with this, there's gotta be at least a couple players that say, "man, F that crap, you think I'm gonna give a half-ass effort?"

I can't see that happening. But I do remember constantly thinking during the year of the Lebron draft that the Cavs were tanking, I can't prove it but I just had a feeling from watching them.

Has a team in any sports league blatantly tanked a season?
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