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Default Are the Miami Heat already planning a championship parade?

Are The Miami Heat Already Planning A Championship Parade?

Miami Heat
NBA Finals
by Mohammed Rahman | 4:01 pm, June 7th, 2011

Could it be true? Could the Miami Heat really have begun planning for a championship parade already? If it’s true, the Godfather must be pissed.

Here’s the actual Craigslist ad (which has been up since Friday) that has people wondering if the Heat are really that blase about coming off as “Hollywood as hell.” The ad isn’t from the Heat directly, though: it’s from a “nationwide special event firm” that’s seeking people “to sell Miami Heat NBA Championship merchandise for the World Championship Parade IF AND WHEN the Heat win the Finals.”

This ad isn’t related to LeBron James dismissing at first how hurtful The Decision was to Cleveland. This ad isn’t another reason to hate the Heat. This is just a managerial/middle management screwup most likely outside of the organization. The timing is clearly wrong and unnecessary, however; preparations could be made after the series just like every other parade. And at the least, the planning stages needn’t be so public
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