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Default Re: Rank the Top 5 Greatest Lakers of All-Time

1.Kobe - was a Laker at 17 years old.....was a Laker for Half his life....Won 5 championships (T 1rst) as a NBA mega star..too many unbelievable games / scoring / clutch shots/combacks to list....Kobe Bryant is the greatest Laker ever

2.Magic - Made the lakers the premiere Team during the 80's . Rivalry against Bird/Celtics was the best era of basketball...won 5 Titles and help (w/ Bird) make Basketball hugely Popular during the 80's

3.Kareem - Stoic Big man who played his best seasons as a laker, Great scorer who could make great passes....won 5 Titles in L.A.

4.West - never watched him play , but the man was a warrior and is the NBA Logo

5.Shaq - Dominated the paint area like no other....him and Kobe 3 peated never had sucess like he did when he played in LA....

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