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Default Re: Anyone interested in a 360 Bundle?

Originally Posted by Loneshot
I'm selling my 360 to pick up a PS3 without losing much money. I put up an ebay listing for anyone interested. Selling for 220 at bidding or 245 buy it now. It will come with all this:

*Xbox 360 Slim Console w/4 GB Internal + Kinect Ready (Original Box will be included)
*60 GB Removable HDD
*Black Headset (missing soft cushion from mic area)
*Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller
*Xbox 360 Composite A/V cable
*SquareTrade 2-Year Electronics Accidental Protection Warranty
- This warranty was originally a 2 year warranty, but it has been about a year since i bought the console so it is now covered for another year (making it a 1 year warranty from this purchase)
*Gears of War 3
*Gears of War 2
*NBA 2K12 (No case)
*Xbox 360 Chatpad

It's not an unreasonable asking price considering the bundle is around 250-300 dollars in the store. He's offering extras too: HDD, 3 games, head-set and chatpad. Plus the black 360s are reliable so it really shouldn't matter that much that it's a year old, unless there's some visible physical damage to the system.

I would have probably bought it if I didn't already have 2 consoles at my disposable man. Good luck selling it, you probably will sale it around 180. People are very stingy these days...
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