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Default Re: Do you rage when you're playing a competitive game?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I've tinkered with NBA 2K online for the past couple of years in hopes of merely knocking down a few achievements. However, it's just not worth it for me. I find competing against random people online to be very frustrating. I don't outwardly rage, but I can become very stressed as I worry about all the cheap exploits and whether my opponent thinks I'm using cheap exploits. I have just found no enjoyment whatsoever in the online regard.

Also, I sometimes become frustrated playing my little brother in 2K13 when he begins running through defenders with superstars (LeBron James), runs a great point guard at a great teammate to jumble up my defenders then wait for that teammate (Shaq) to cut to the basket for an easy pass and basket, or continuously performs the double tap spin. I think it frustrates me because I feel I'm making the right basketball plays defensively but perhaps not the right 2K plays. Often I'll anticipate his spin and put a defender in position only to see his player slide, morph, and proceed directly through my player for an easy bucket. I don't rage but as the older brother, I can often be fickle about the idea of losing to my little bro when such tactics come into play (aka I don't take losing to my brother well).

So I guess in short, no, I do not rage. I truly like my games to be enjoyable endeavors as opposed to being wonderful challenges to overcome after much blood, sweat, tears, and frustration. So I tend to avoid the things that could make me upset (the aforementioned online or attempting to beat a game I suck at on the hardest level possible). Even then, I'm not a yeller or thrower, so maybe I wouldn't rage regardless.

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