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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by Showtime
Why can't you grasp my point? I'm not saying he doesn't deserve any credit. I'm saying his performance does not mean he automatically deserves the ROY award, which was the comment to which I responded.

There's a difference in giving a guy some credit, and giving him all the credit.

Naaah, you have said many times or implied that he isn't in the same class as the other two guys. That it's outlandish to believe he's the best rookie, and it's not. Until you admit that (which you never will), I am going to disagree with you.

At least you are starting to see that he's not some shot jacking scrub.

To the person who said BJ is a scoring pg... he's not really. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, he's not really used to the NBA style and he tries to find his shot early for the stretch run. He wont have to worry so much about finding his shot once he gets a little more experience. He will be able to just play his game and shoot with confidence.

The Bucks have a good squad, for sure, and Ridnour can be a better player than JEnnings if he's wetting or if Jennings is totally off (because he does lose his confidence when he starts going like 3-15), but I like the way the Bucks play with Jennings a lot.

I just think he needs more respect... he is, at worse, comparable to the other two 'elite guards'... that is you consider Curry elite at this point. Anyone who doesn't see that is just a hater.

And he will probably never shoot under 40% again.

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