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Default Re: Marcin Gortat reviews NYC's air quality

Originally Posted by insidehoops
When a reporter asked Marcin Gortat what he thought of playing in New York City, Gortat began by saying he was sorry. Why was he sorry? For what came afterward. ďThe only thing I remember about New York is ó itís sad ó but itís terribly dirty,Ē Gortat said. ďAnd it smells bad, too. Iím sorry to say that, and I know New York fans will hate me probably. But itís an incredibly city, great city, great fansÖ I love the fans and I love the famous people. I remember my rookie year I was sitting in the second row trying to find as many famous people as possible. But now, the memories I got is itís just a dirty, dirty place.Ē Orlando Sentinel Blog

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wish him the best in PHX
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