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Default Re: The Dragon Ball Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Killbot
He was certainly the coldest villain. I'm not debating about that. Same with his size. Size has nothing to do with him looking like a female.
It's the lips. I know he's of a different species, but c'mon, it looks like he's wearing lipstick.

Either make Frieza entirely female or make him look more like a male character. It's awkward to have one of the greatest fighters to be transgendered.

Why? That just makes him more crazy. An ambiguous tyrant who's special forces dance and are prob 3/5 gay.

But you can't fuck with him. Do you watch the Team Four Star parodies? I think the last episode they did with Frieza completely captured his personality.

EDIT: My point with the size is it seemed to be a theme that power came in forms one wouldn't normally expect. A lot of the tough guys ended up being weaker than the others.

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