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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

Originally Posted by JalenRawley
I don't think I'm "cool", and I'm not comparing anyone to myself. See? That's why you don't get it, I'm not a little child like you. Itís not about a competition, itís not about comparing anyone, itís not about something else not measuring up. Itís not about anything being better than anything else. Itís all about point of view and subjectivity.

If you take a look, I only insulted people who paraphrased what I said, didnít understand what was actually said even though it couldnít possibly have been written any clearer, and posted a response in some sort of hostility.

Iím just not an offensive person, Iím a defensive person. Iím not a catalyst, Iím a reactant. I -respond- to situations, I donít create them.

Oh, and Iím actually typing this from the computer at my desk in the law office I work at. A bit of a stretch from third grade, although itís hilarious that youíre trying to call me a third grader when youíre the one (of several) completely incapable of reading comprehension at a third grade level.

Iím still waiting for you to quote the things you claim I said. *Taps foot*

your really taking this two one wants to engage a point for point debate about an issue that is so lopsided..
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