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Default Re: Boston Celtics need help at center

Ideally? Do what they can to acquire Dalembert or Hayes. Guys like Nene and Chandler are out of the question, while Hayes and Dalembert may still be motivated to play for a contender and possibly sign back loaded contracts. I think Hayes is a higher probability of happening because it's almost a definite that Dalembert ends up getting overpaid for one of the powerhouses back east.

Realistically? I am almost certain they sign Kwame Brown. Ainge expressed interest in the kid last summer and I highly doubt Kwame is part of any plans for the Bobcats now that Bismack is coming into the picture.

A lot may hinge on Jajuan Johnson's progress in the off season. The kid could really impress and wind up playing substantial minutes once the season starts, which could be quite the luxury in lieu of a proven starting C.
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