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Originally Posted by Fiasco
I'm done with this franchise.
I know I said this once already, but gameplay changes are never noticeable at this time of year. At this point, a couple of animations will pop out at the user, but the real under-the-hood stuff won't be seen until September. For reference, this is what "2K12" looked like last year at this time:

At that point, it was 2K11 with some different animations. The changes made (a number of them for the worst) did not become noticeable until a couple of months later. They're literally right in the middle of making this game and it's nowhere near complete. That doesn't mean it's going to be great. Their changes might suck and make the game worse. I'm just saying it's way, way too early to tell. Nothing solid's ever been able to be drawn from 2K basketball games in early June.

The only thing I took from the video is apparently the Dunk Contest is going to be the worst thing ever. That much we could see.

Edit: Take this for what it's worth, but a 2K developer on the non-dunk contest portions shown:
Don't sweat the gameplay vid, guys. It's way early and I can assure you that clip isn't representative of what you'll see in October. We have lots of interesting stuff to announce on the gameplay front and I know you're going to love the upgrades. You're just going to have to trust us for now.

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