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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Flacco was great during the entire post season, this is very true, he should get his props but to the point that it undermines the fact that he plays on a 53 man team complete with coaching staff that was equally amazing...

let's look at some others for a sec...what do we have?

-SF and BAL might have the 2 best o-lines in the NFL...or at least both are top-5...they are a huge part of their QB's success

-Willis and Bowman and Aldon Smith...IS THIS THE GREATEST TRIO OF 4-3 LBS EVER!!!???...could be

-Lewis, Suggs, Upshaw, guys are amazing

-Ngata...Reed....both HOFers

-anyone notice how Boldin became one of the most clutch catchers in the league?...the guy is actually underrated as a WR now

-Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones...Ray Rice...THESE ARE A MONSTER ARSENAL FOR ANY QB

-Gore was amazing this was Crabtree...

V.Davis and Pitta both great TEs

in fact, where is there a weakness for either of these teams?...they are both to bottom

but let's just focus on Flacco...

I think you are overrating alot of the guys. Lewis was awful in the Superbowl and everyone knows he's a shell of his former self and Suggs didn't make a huge impact this year due to his injury.

And you completely overrated the Ravens receiving core. Boldin is a solid WR but he's not a #1 and at this point of his career he's pretty much a physical receiver(had a great postseason). Jacoby Jones is extremely subpar and Smith is pretty much a deep threat only. Pitta is a solid TE but great? Don't discredit Flacco because he played his dick off..

The Niners are a stacked team but they do have some weaknesses. First, niners play in a 3-4. Willis and Bowman is a great set of ILB's and possibly one of the greatest ever. Smith is a great player but he's heavily reliant on Justin Smith and without him he looked very human, he's kind of 1 dimensional as he's not nearly as good in the run defense as he is in the pass rush . 49ers have a very suspect secondary as well.
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