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Default Re: Cavs fire coach Scott!?

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
TT broke a cavs record for ORBS in a season and was the second best Offensive rebounder in the league behind z-bo and a consistent double double guy at 21 years old, plus he has great intangibles. he was drafted on potential. Only bigs from his class you can make a case for are better than him right now is faried.

Dion Waiters is def. a top 5 rookie in last years draft. Don't really know what you smoking/huffing.

Grant turned two "reaches" into two very solid picks and you act like they f*cked their draft up? Did you watch this past season?

Yep just about every game. Tristan Im more impressed with out of the two but Waiters I'm really not impressed with as much as everyone else seems to be. I mean he'll throw out a 20+ point game every now and then but he's too hot/cold for me. He'll have a great game then follow it up with 3-4 non existent games, then get injured, then come back and have some bad games, then another good game, then more bad, then injured etc etc. Like I said he's good but I think we coulda done better
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