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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
It does work, but realgm won't let it work.

Golden State trades:
Mike Dunleavy Jr.
-Actual 06/07 salary= $7,438,016
-Outgoing salary= $3,719,008
Adonal Foyle= $8,125,000
TOTAL OUTGOING=$11,844,008
TOTAL INCOMING=$12,075,000

New York trades:
Channing Frye= $2,325,000
Maurice Taylor= $9,750,000
TOTAL OUTGOING=$12,075,000
TOTAL INCOMING= $15,563,016

Seeing the NBA has increased the max differental to be either 25% or $100,000 it should work. Even if it doesn't, it is only one small Knick contract from working, say that Uduko guy (sp? :confused: sp?)
I thought Foyle's salary was a little higher. Looks fine.
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