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Default Re: The Anthony Bennett Bandwagon Thread...Sign up at the door

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
RoseCity, you normally don't suck this hard as a poster, are you fighting substance abuse problems as of late?

Thompson put up 11.7 and 9.4 in his second year and is only 22.

Kyrie Irving is a top ten and only 21. And the rumblings pre draft was he was fat and injury prone (sound familiar).

Bennett is 20, a top character and team guy, has a 7'1" wingspan, dunk contest winning athleticism, can run all day and is built like a brick shit house. Add to that his offensive rebounding abilities, amazing footwork, inside out game and his well above average jumper (something he can build to unstoppable levels) and there are very few players on the planet who bring that much to the table. He could end up being Charles Barkley when all is said and done.

Plus Waiters is only 21 and a nice piece too. This team will be special, Dan Gilbert will be vindicated.

I liked Irving and waiters. I was wrong about Thompson but still. 10 and 10 isn't amazing for such a bad team. You think this kid is Charles Barkley? That's quite a stretch. This is the nba man. The best of the best. It's not going to be a cake walk.
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