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Default Greatest song transitions

Nothing better than a cohesive album, and when the artist melds songs into one another, it can be a thing of beauty. Name your favourites.

Some of the more famous ones

Sgt Peppers --> With a Little Help (Beatles - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)
Brain Damage --> Eclipse (Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon)

No way you can not mention The Wall, so there's these two

Happiest Days --> Brick in the Wall pt 2
Vera --> Bring the Boys Back Home

Other favourites

Don't Get Lost in Heaven --> Demon Days (Gorillaz - Demon Days)

Another one is at the start of Vaudeville Villain by MF Doom (V Vaughn), but I can't find the overture on Youtube. But I did oddly enough find the sample, which is awesome, right here. It kills me every time when when that sample jumps right into this sickness, while the laugh continues. Such a wild beat too.

Anyways, post some others.
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