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Default Re: Greatest song transitions

Donks, how've you been?
Not bad atall, although I still spend too much time here. Glad things are well. :)

I actually like Wish You Were Here more than Animals RBA, and possibly even more than Dark Side. The music aspect anyways, I will say that Animals is probably the most unique concept of any of them lyrics wise. Probably because of the sheer amount of substance underneath the surface of the lyrics.

I actually caught a Floyd cover band a few weeks ago, and the set they played consisted of the entire Animals album, which was pretty incredible. It wasn't a really fancy show, certainly no Australian Pink Floyd, but still really really well done. The show was in a pretty small bar too, so I was only a few feet from the stage. Fantastic experience.

And "tuesday afternoon", which is just as good as nights in white satin.
Ha, didn't even see that on the track listing. I actually like it more than White Satin.
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