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Default Re: James Johnson is getting playing time!

Originally Posted by Crystallas
So after watching the D-League game today, JJe's not even giving 100%, just sitting back and trying to get his teamates going. This characteristic bothers me. Hes better than this, but has little motivation to show his colors with the minutes that he's getting. I hope he takes this seriously and understands he is being graded on his performance here. D-League still counts, as far as his road goes.

His footing and positioning is by far better than everyone on the floor.
He's still fouling guys, but he's making the fouls count. Everyone had to earn their shots on the line.

He was out of place for a few minutes, and he totally lost his discipline going into the final stretch, which was bothersome because the Energy had a shot to win the game.

His final was 10/11/7/3/1 and it did look like he was trying to force a triple double at some point, rather than just take over the game.

If he can get motivated, Johnson would dominate everything in D-League. I'm still a fan of his, and hope he does well, but Bulls fans, don't hold your breath, it will take another few years to get James Johnson into a reliable role of any sorts. From then, he will be an excellent asset to any team.

I think it is in the Jamal Crawford thread that you mentioned the Bulls buying high and selling low, and the Bulls giving up too soon on certain players. I think that sentiment could easily apply to a player like a JJ. He may very well be one of those guys that gets traded and then finds his drive to play the best Basketball he can play.

I don't want the Bulls to give up on JJ just yet, and I assume you would agree? JJ doesn't wow me in any one particular fashion, but I believe that is due to the fact that he will have more of an overall game impact rather just points or whatever. I also feel that with JJ's size and martial arts background he will be a vital enforcer for any team through his career.

If there was an awesome trade that included JJ that was just too good to turn down...ok, do it. I can and want to wait and give JJ the time to develop his maturity as both a person and as a Basketball player.
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