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Default Re: Clippers Hosting Nuggets

Originally Posted by Al Thornton
That was his prediction before 3rd quarter but still I don't mind a collapse as long as they hold out for the W.

I don't know, I'd be a little concerned about the collapse. This is what kills the Clippers. The 4th quarter meltdown. They pulled off the win, but the same problem always arises for the Clipps. They simply have melt downs where they collapse defensively and offensively for long stretches of the game, especially late in the game. They played better than they are last night, and almost let it get away. Great win, but its not that great of a victory as it could have been

Did anyone else enjoy watching Mardy Collins as much as I did? he played great scrappy D, and was a huge reason for their success last night. This guy needs more time, even if it does cut into Baron's minutes. I just don't really trust Baron Davis out there all the time.
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