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Default Preparation for High School Ball

I know many posters on this site have played or are playing high school basketball. Can any of these individuals(or anyone with knowledge in general) on the following topics:
- How to be mentally tough on and off the court
- Ways to balance schoolwork, family, and sports
- Diets for gaining mass
- Best type of protein supplements
- How to get adjusted to VERY physical play( our league is known to be one of the toughest in all of California and I've heard from people that even the freshman teams regularly feature players 6'4 and taller) plus the referees will let a lot of contact slide and what would be called somewhere else probably won't be called by them
- How to get 'into the zone' (I know this is different for everybody but I just want the hear all of your personal opinions). Being in the zone means focusing only on the moment and basically like the crowd, the benches don't even exist it's just you out there feeling unstoppable
- Tips on perimeter defense especially on how to not get caught with fakes/jabs( players will constantly change between shot fakes and actual shots or various counter moves/hands-up moves)
- How to fight through moving screens that don't get called

I know that's a lot any help would be very much appreciated. Additional information: tryouts( there's a Freshman A and Freshman B team, the best freshman make JV) are October 29-31 and we have conditioning right now. I'm not playing AAU anymore but playing in an asian league team and the average team is actually about as good as an above average AAU team. The high school I'm going to is the second best in California and is the two-time defending Division II champions( probably going to three-peat this year). We have one of the best players in the class of 2013 going here also.
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