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Default Re: Preparation for High School Ball

Originally Posted by ZenMaster
What position do you play?

What are your expectations for making the team? Do you expect to make it as a fringe player, or as a regular rotation player?
I played forward mostly in AAU and middle school but in high school I'm only big enough to play guard. I'm working with a trainer who trained Jason Kidd and he said that instead of trying to develop advanced guard skills I should polish up my fundamentals(like throwing a crips two handed chest pass). So now I'm working with a lot of two-ball dribbling drills, correcting inconsistencies in my jump-shot form, and getting rid of wasted motion in my footwork/pivots. So to answer your first question: anything from 2-4

As for your other question the breakdown is like this: top 1 or 2 freshman play jv, next six best go on the A team, next 12 go on the B team, and the worst 6 go on the A team. The good thing is not a lot of guys can play post and guard fairly well so I think my shots of being a starter on either of the freshman teams are real good. If I was benched than I would rather be on the A team because then I could practice with the best in my grade and prove myself so I could maybe work to become a starter by the end of the season.
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