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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
who is cooler/more badass Ezio or Connor?

Ezio was cooler. One of my few issues with this game is the dialogue is pretty weak with his buddies on the frontier. Setting up the french guy with the hunter chick has been awkward at best.

Badass wise it may be Connor because the combat animations are rediculously good in this game. With the varrying weapons, I somehow still have not gotten bored with killing people in this game, which I did with Ezio.

I just reached NY last night, did the set piece stuff, and wound up back in present day and turned it off. Look forward to loading up in NY now with fresh map finds to chew through.
I'm not really enamoured with the recipe system thing yet. I've spent a fortune on supplies and stuff, done every homefront mission that's popped up, and I'm finally starting to find some stuff I can make, and I'm not really sure what value it has for me. Now I'm heading to NY with pretty much no money to buy maps or new weapons or anything because I've spent all my money filling up my ore supplies that I can't use, and crafting barrells and ship sails that seem to have little to no value. I've also spent a ton on boat upgrades even though I don't seem to have any more naval options at the moment, and those things were expensive.
I haven't sold much in the way of pelts since my first 40K drop though because I keep expecting to need them to craft things. So I could do that for map money. And if I can just get the NY treasure chest map I'm sure it'll pay for itself.
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