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Default Re: Iron Man 3, Super Bowl Spot, Thoughts?

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
I don't understand why Iron Man 2 gets such a bad rap. I enjoyed it. The settings and locations were badass and Mickey Rourke was a cool villain.

What did he do that was so cool as a villain? I don't see it. He looks cool, but his motivation was explained in about 30 seconds at the beginning, we see him take down Iron Man once on the race track in a decent scene, we watch him build and build and build for about 2 hours (might as well watch somebody play with Legos), and then we see a shitty final fight scene that was really brief between him and Iron Man/War Machine. So in summary, he did not have any interesting dialog, nothing about his character made you think, his motivation was so straight forward it was explained in about 30 seconds even though the movie is 2+ hours, and the final fight was shit; leaving us simply with how he appears and 1 decent scene on the race track.
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