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Default debating on what to cop; opinions?

Okay so there's a lot of shoes coming out this year. A friend on one of my basketball teams also has a closet loaded with Js (some new, some worn) that he's willing to sell to me for good prices cuz he wants to get rid of em. Here's some of the stuff coming out that I am heavily contemplating (yes I can afford 1-2 pairs of shoes a week).

Jordan retro 6 blk/varsity red - (1/23) not quite the infrareds, I saw these in person already at a city blue in philly and they're not bad. $150.00

Jordan retro 6 Motorsports blk/wht - (2/6) these are sexy, and premium quality. much >>> blk/red 6s being released prior. $175.00

Nike Copper Foamposite blk/copper - (2/13) probably the hottest shoe. I know I asked for opinions, but regardless I'm pretty sure I'm getting these no matter what. Price tag on them will hurt, but they're foamposites! $200.00

Jordan 6 rings Motorsports blk/wht - (3/6) the colorway is nice, and it's good quality but I think I'm falling out of the fusion shoes deal. Someone b!tched @ me before about how could i like the nasty @ss fusions (and you're right I grew out of them fast, except the spizikes). Just because I'm on a shoe copping tear though, I might. $175.00

Jordan retro 6 blk/purple/icy - (May 2010) I really like these, which makes me contemplate the b/red 6s coming out this weekend even less, but these wont be out til May.

Here's some stuff I can currently get my hands on that I've been contemplating:

Jordan retro 8 wht/anthracite/darkorange - I've been wanting a pair of 8s, I really want the black/aqua/purple's but theyre hard to find and carry a price tag of 220-240, plus i have a good amt of black oriented shoes. These on the other hand are a colorway I don't really have/wear. $150.00

Jordan retro 5 firered & grapes - My friends got a brand new pair of fire reds and a worn pair of grapes. The grapes he said are still very fresh but the sole is yellowed and somewhat worn. He's cutting me a deal on these, I'm not expecting to pay more than $100.00 for the firereds and $50.00 for the grapes.

Jordan retro 3s/4s - don't know what colorways I want to grab yet, just want these in my collection. Gonna find out if my friend has fresh ones in his closet.
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