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Default Re: The New-New York Knicks

I don't get why people are so pissed about things. Even if you don't like Melo and Amare, you have to admit theyre our best scorers. Why not get the best out of your players? Both critics and fans of them have to admit, D'Antoni's system didn't help either of them this year. Furthermore, Lin was no longer flourishing in it either because people figured it out. Mike never made adjustments. Woodson's system doesn't necessarily take the ball out of Lin's hands. Running the offense through your best players doesnt mean give them the ball and get out of their way. Thats actually how we started the year; making Melo bring up the ball, then play pg, then try to score also.

Its not different than coaches on almost every level of basketball saying "run the offense through the big man." It doesnt mean every play is called for the center. It means the flow of the offense is initiated by how the defense reacts to Amare and Melo. It's up to them to draw doubles or at least cause the D to react. When they do, those guys have to effectively pass out of danger. After that, it's up to our supporting cast to make sound basketball plays; whether it be knocking down shots, penetrating or making passes to make the defense work/ get out of position.

I don't get why people are acting like this is anything new. It really isn't. Furthermore, I don't get why ppl act like D'Antoni's offense was so innovative. It was European influenced version of Paul Westheads offense. The one he perfected with Bo Kimble and the late Hank Geathers. Ironically, Magic was accused of getting Westhead fired which wasn't true lol Only problem is, Westheads offense fit perfectly with his high pressure defense. You can't have a high volume offense and disregard the defensive end.
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