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Default Re: #31 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
In the best season of Stocktons career...1990...straight prime Stockton...27 years old...55 win Jazz team. Ewing was still better. 28/12 or so all nba first team over Hakeem and Drob dropping 50/20 and 40/12 games back to back and putting up 32 and 12 for two months.

Patrick Ewing was considered better than stockton for literally 16 or so years in a row with the only possible exceptions being injured seasons.

But now hes behind John...because totals?

I cant wait till 30 years from now to see the Bs rankings people do on this era that fly in the face of the opinions of the people watching now.

The only argument I can see for Stockton over Ewing is if we accept the notion that neither player is talented enough to win as a first option, and therefore we must look to assess their value as a second option.

I can entertain the idea that Stockton is a more valuable second option, but I won't accept the fact that Ewing doesn't cut it as a first option to begin with.

Saying that John Stockton was a better player than Patrick Ewing today is akin to saying that Tony Allen was a better player than Dwight Howard twenty years from now.

What version of Stockton was a better player than 10-11 Howard? What year exactly did John Stockton have a bigger impact than 10-11 Howard? I can name several years for Patrick Ewing in which he had a bigger impact than 10-11 Howard. Can the same be said for Stockton?
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