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Default Re: ESPN First Take- Should the NFL allow weed?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Weed is illegal most everywhere in USA. Alcohol is not.

I don't see the logic in that comparison at all. The NFL would look shady if they said "Even though Weed is illegal to possess, we believe it's OK to not only possess it but smoke it as well"

You can possess and drink alcohol legally.

Weed is not illegal most everywhere in the US. Medical weed is legal in most states with a NFL team, and recreational is legal at the home of the broncos and the seahawks. The entire nation is rapidly trending toward legal weed. Its time for the NFL to get with the times.

Tons of NBA players smoke weed but you never see them getting suspended for an entire season over it, in fact you never hear anything about it... because the NBA knows weed doesnt matter

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