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Default Re: ESPN First Take- Should the NFL allow weed?

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
I am thinking the NFL wants to wait until it is legal on a recreational level in 26 states.

Right now it we are at 2 states.

People should be fighting for lowered penalties with pot in the trying to jump straight into letting players blaze up on the sideline...still got a little time before that.

Also, it's just really hard to feel bad for guys in the NFL getting suspended for has to be a THIRD STRIKE before a suspension...I mean fck, if the NFL isn't important enough for you to stop getting high, then maybe you shouldn't be playing anyway.

where did i say anything about letting players blaze on the sideline?

in the NBA it doesnt matter how many strikes you have, you will never get suspended an entire season for marijuana. the NFL needs to adopt the NBAs stance on weed.

its not a performance enhancing drug and it doesnt hurt anybody, if athletes want to smoke weed they should be allowed to do it.
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