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Default Re: Oh No... 10 minutes of movie footage from Terminator Salvation = Not good

Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh
And Terminator Salvation was my last major hope.

Saw Wolverine and Star Trek and they were both horrific.

Transformers 2?

no offense to you personally, but it irks me in general that so many people are just automatically willing to line up for such AWFUL movies, thus giving Hollywood no incentive to go out and actually make good ones. batman, spiderman, superman, ironman, x-men, tranformers, terminator, i mean they've made like 1,000,000,000 installments of these movies in the last 3 years and it seems like everyone here has gone to see every one of them. ridiculous.

Why make movies like A Few Good Men, and Shawshank Redemption these days when you can just give some supposedly serious actor a set of claws and have him go fight mutant super-bad-guys in outter space, or have a guy play "laser guns" with a bunch of evil robots who wanna destroy the earth?

why would ANYONE want to see movies that dumb. let alone MILLIONS of americans. poor taste is ruining movies, just like it did music. oy vei.
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