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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
I know that things don't obviously work as out as "scouted", but on paper, as prospects, what exactly differentiates Robinson with a guy like Blake Griffin.

Griffin may ultimately end up putting up better stats and is a "highlight guy", but Griffin honestly has no real skills - zero post game,no jump shot to speak of, just a ton of athleticism and a tremendous motor.

To contrast, Robinson is a good height, super long, and has really produced at a college level which I always think is pretty important. He's got some post moves (which I think will improve at the next level because he's got a good lower body and footwork from what I've seen). In that regard, I think he's better than Griffin in this category but is similar to him in the fact that he also can't shoot for sh*t and relies a lot on spin/power moves.

There is one rookie in NBA history to average Blake Griffin's numbers and his name was Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Griffin was on Sports Illustrated top 10 rookies of all time ranking. You REALLY need to cut out the stupid bullshit like this.

Griffin is the only modern PF (after guys like Hayes etc who dominated early NBA decades) to start off his first two years in the NBA with the averages he's put up. Since when did it become subpar to put up 21/11/3? That's still elite PF numbers. If Robinson EVER averages 20/10 for even a single season and a couple borderline 20/10 seasons he will be a massive success. So please don't act like Griffin is a dime a dozen because history says otherwise.

If a player with a superb work ethic like Griffin who isn't refined or doesn't have a great game yet can put up 21/11/3 the rest of the league is in deep shit. If he refines his game and adds to it.. it's over for the rest of the league.
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