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Default Guy starts screaming/yelling at me after we lose a pick up game at gym

What would you guys do if this happened to you?

I am 5'10 145 pounds and skinny (not a big dude as u can tell here ) and this guy is 6'2 220 lbs of muscle. We played 5 on 5 full court game and he was on my team and we won the first game 23-21.
(First to 16 wins but u have to win by 2 points and every score is 1 point).

He was yelling at me a lot during the game and we came from behind to win. He screwed up with stupid turnovers and he even led a fast break and passed the ball so hard to me that it went right through my legs once.

In the rematch, I think my whole team was so gassed and tired and the other team had 2 fresh guys so we lost by a lot and after the game, my teammate starts to yell and scream at me in front of the 8 other guys.

I was cool with him yelling at me during the first game because we won and I know how guys can get emotional and I don't take it personally even though I'm the quiet type who won't yell at others or talk back much.

He kept on ranting at me about being more physical on defense even though I didn't cost us the game and he was not that good in the game either.

I got mad so I said "**** u" back to him which shocked everyone and then 10 minutes later, he came back into the gym and tried to apologize and talk to me. He said he was a loser and asshole and has anger issues when he plays basketball sometimes. The thing I don't like is he yells and bullies me when he could have yelled at the bigger guys on my team.

I accepted his apology and we were cool after that but I don't think I should have. Actions speak louder than words and I think his true colors were revealed.

We were good "gym friends" for over 3 years and always cordial and say whats up and have 5 min conversations over the years but now I don't think I want to deal with this guy anymore for being so disrespectful and a immature guy. He's 25.

What would u guys have done and reacted? The guy that I was guarding in the games told me the guy is suck a prick for yelling at me and that I played good D on him and two other guys pulled me over and told me he was wrong too.

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