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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Making my way through my giant list of Steam games from the past few sales. I just finished Alan Wake.

Wow. I'm surprised by how much I liked this. This is a case where a well-written story and characters and really cool production touches overcome flaws in gameplay.

+ I loved the way they made this game feel like episodes of a TV show. 6 episodes, each one ending with a sort of a cliffhanger. A nice tough with the "previously on Alan Wake..." to start off each new episode. The entire atmosphere of the game was perfect. The lighting, pacing of the story and horror elements.

+ It starts slow with the first 2 episodes but somewhere in the 3rd one I started to really care and become interested in the story this game was creating. I wanted to save Alice and find out what the hell was going on.

+ Cool new combat mechanic of using light to weaken enemies before you can destroy them.

+ Great voice acting all around.

+ David Bowie's Space Oddity over the end credits? Hell, yes.

- The story and setting limits the variety of enemies you face. At times, some of the encounters get really repetitive. Also some areas have unlimited spawning enemies and you only realize you have to run after wasting tons of ammo. I hate endlessly spawn points in games. That's just lazy.

- It's a very linear game. Going off the main path will occasionally reward you with extra ammo, small additional pieces to the story or totally useless "collectibles". You get plenty of ammo though and there is almost no reason to go off exploring.

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