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Default Roy Retires

Sad day for Blazer fans. Our beloved Roy has retired after only 5 years in the league. So crazy that he plays only 5 years and makes 3 all-star teams, with many predicting he could surpass Drexler in many ways for the Blazers. It just unraveled so fast. To me, this is sadder than amnestying him. If we amnestied him and he signed elsewhere, it could have helped the team but we could have remained happy for Roy. Now, it is just a sad situation. I grew excited to see one more season of Roy, but at least he gave us one last memorable moment in versus Dallas. Some of my greatest Blazer memories have been due to Roy even though he was only here 5 years. I thank Brandon for all he did for the city of Portland and basketball fans everywhere. I hope that the team finds a position for him in the future.
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