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Default Re: 90s athleticism/skills > today

Originally Posted by Marchesk
Dale Ellis? Has the same FG% as Durant for his career, and shot 40.3% from beyond the arc. He didn't shoot as many 3s, but then again players didn't back then. Still, it's not that big of a difference (1.4/3.5 compared to 1.6/4.4).


27.5 ppg on 50.1 / 47.8 / 81.6 (4.1 3PA's per game)

That man could really shoot that thing... Pretty tall for a SG, athletic, strong, extremely quick release, great off-ball moving really quickly, good post-game and inside moves too... After an early prime, got traded become a journeyman and went through constant injuries, though. Only area in terms of shooting that he wasn't elite was at the FT line.

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