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Default Re: It's crazy LeBron actually lived up to the hype.

Originally Posted by Roundball_Rock
Well, here is what MJ had accomplished by age 29: 3 rings, 3 MVP's, 3 Finals appearances, 3 first round losses.

LeBron, if the Heat win this year, would by the same age have: 3 rings, 4 MVP's, 5 Finals appearances, 0 first round losses.

Keep in mind LeBron already has more MVP's than Magic, Bird (who had 3) and has more than Shaq, Kobe, Hakeem combined. He has only 2 less than MJ (KAJ was the record with 6, although some in the media act as if Mike has the fake MVP and fake rings records ).

Why does that logic not apply to the lack of international players until the 2000's? It is a legitimate, but hypocritical point, to note the racial talent pool was smaller in the 60's but ignoring the global talent pool was smaller in the past too. The NBA did not become a 1/5 international league until this century.
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