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Default Re: It's crazy LeBron actually lived up to the hype.

Originally Posted by Roundball_Rock

Just look at the modern day Spurs. Two of their top three players are international (France, Argentina) and arguably three if you count Duncan. The Lakers' second best player during their 2008-2010 runs was a Spainard. The 2011 champs were led by a German. International players are a major part of the 21st century game, in a way they were not in the past.

I agree. My point was he definitely is on pace to make a strong run at MJ's resume.

2012, 2013, 2014 NBA Finals. at the notion that a year career can be defined by one series.

I don't think even 50% of the players in the NBA circa 1966 would even make the NBA today and that's saying something as there were only like 9 teams total.

The 60s is just too far back in the development of basketball to be compared to any era past 1980.
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