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Default Re: Anyone get bored shooting around alone?

Originally Posted by dunksby
I'd kill to be able to work on my shooting all by myself but the opportunity rarely comes up.

My childhood dream was to have an indoor half court. I'd be shooting every day. It's windy as **** over here, can't ball outside.


Originally Posted by sundizz
I sense some solid lying here.

Who makes 34/50 three pointers and makes "about" 8 of 10 layups. If you shoot threes with that level of skill you aren't missing two layups.

If you can show me a tagged video of you making 17 out of 25 tres i'll paypal you $5 bucks.

lol 5 bucks. I can miss lay ups if I'm going full court.

When I was a kid I was finishing everything. It's actually kind of hard to do a lay up if you run as fast as you can and don't slow down. Esp if you're doing any sort of moves before hand. Old man lay ups are like walking to the rim and flicking it off the backboard, but maybe he meant doing actual lay ups, like driving hard and trying to finish.


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