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Default Re: Anyone get bored shooting around alone?

Originally Posted by sundizz
I sense some solid lying here.

Who makes 34/50 three pointers and makes "about" 8 of 10 layups. If you shoot threes with that level of skill you aren't missing two layups.

If you can show me a tagged video of you making 17 out of 25 tres i'll paypal you $5 bucks.

Well, if someone spends so much time chucking 3's that means he's not practicing layups as often so his layup making ability is shit. And I can relate. I have a deadly jumper and will make about 75% of my shots out to NBA 3(shooting around, not actual games) but my layups are shit because I simply don't practice them. I'm 28 though so I have no need to improve my game.
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