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Default Re: 2017 Draft Lottery Discussion

Not finished yet

1. Josh Jackson (NBA Comparison: Andrew Wiggins + Passing)

Whats there not to like about 20 yr old prospect Josh Jack? He's coming in with All Star athleticism, great size for his position (assuming he plays 2 guard), all the physical tools to be a great defender (he already is a great defender), he's quick, and unlike Andrew Wiggins he is a willing playmaker. Only red flag is his jump shot but he's got potential to be a knockdown shooter

2. Dennis Smith JR. (NBA Comparison: PG Russell Westbrook)

Been making the 2017 mock draft for quite some time now. If you asked anyone 2 years ago who's going #1 it was a question of Giles or Smith JR! So what happened exactly to his stock? ACL injuries, missing his senior year of HS, unimpressive college campaign at a great school. Despite all this I still believe in Dennis Smith. NBA GM's hate ACL tears and I feel thats why his draft stock fell so low and even then he's still going in the top 10.

3. Malik Monk (NBA Comparison: ???)

Explosive scorer, potential to be elite shooter, and elite athleticism. Don't be surprised if he goes top 5

4. Jonathan Isaac

Isaac is a freak. I dont fear backlash for having the "PG's" so low on my mock because everyone knows this 19 yr old is going to be a big problem when he gets into his man body

5. Lonzo Ball (NBA Comparison: 6'6 Jason Kidd)

I dont think anyone realizes how unselfish this guy is. His jump shot will be great in the NBA, he can catch lob passes with ease, and makes the game easier for everyone. The guys size and length at the point guard position is absolutely insane.

6. Markelle Fultz

Going to be honest I didn't follow him at closely throughout HS because I thought he was an average scorer, and player. I don't watch PAC 12 outside of UCLA and Arizona and you couldnt force me to watch a Washington game this season. Scouts love the strength, athleticism, and jump shot.

???? Harry Giles (NBA Comparison: Dwight Howard...hopefully)

What happened Harry? Everyone had this guy was mocked #1 back in the day. Just look at his tape from HS, this guy was on everyones radar... gained zero strength from HS to Duke. Physically everyone expected him to look like a beast after getting out of Duke but he still looks like the same dude from HS. He even looks smaller. Get this guy a strength coach, and have him bulk up and Harry Giles is going to shock a lot of people. Did I forget to mention 2 previous ACL tears and a total of 3 knee surgeries?..... I still have faith but maybe my favoritism is showing

#1 ranked player in the class of 2016

2015: Ben Simmons
2014: Jahlil Okafor
2013: Andrew Wiggins
2012: Nerlens Noel
2011: Anthony Davis

we'll just have to see
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