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For draft sources, anyone can choose whatever source they prefer, so let's not get into that. I don't put too much weight in ESPN, much less in Chad Ford, but that's just me.

I'm not too high in Jrue so if by any chance he falls to #17 I'd rather someone else. However, I was also very skeptical of Rajon Rondo in that draft (he was being considered for that pick, which ultimately became Carney) and look how he turned out.

One thing we can agree in Jrue is that there's no consensus on him, as he is projected anywhere from #10 (Chad Ford) to #24 ( And that's understandable, since he is the typical high-risk high-reward prospect.

Speaking of mock drafts, many of them changed when the lottery came out, as expected. Just for fun, here are how some sites have projected Philly's pick: (further adjustments in the respective sites are likely)

draftexpress - Ty Lawson
Wishful thinking he'd fall this low, but I'd love to see this happen. Fits the team well IMO and seems to be solid.

ISH - BJ Mullens
Uh... no. I'm disappointed by this site. Seriously.

hoops Hy pe- Eric Maynor
I like his characteristics on paper, as he would fit very well if he pans out. Wouldn't be bothered at all if he is picked, and is very likely to be available.

ESPN (Chad Ford) - Eric Maynor
He read it here. Bastard.... - Ty Lawson
Oh yeah
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