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Green and Evans have terrible contracts. They have negative value. You couldn't get another team to take those two if you gave them a first round pick. They are more than one year and more than the minimum for guys who should be making the league minimum on a one year contract. Not a single team in the NBA would take them for nothing if you offered them. That's a stone cold fact - just like Holiday going in the lottery.

They dont have terrible contracts. Stop making up stuff.

You're predicting Holliday goes lottery. Thats fine. But dont tell me he is a projected top 8 pick with nothing to back it up outside of 2 sites. Espn (then you go off at how credible, reliable they are) and You listed no other sources for a reason. But didnt fail to type "etc etc etc" as if it was a consensus, a known Holliday is rated top 8. Stop.

You're not making good arguments.
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