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No, you're right, Reggie Evans, with 2 years at $11 million and Willie Green with 2 years and $7 million both have value. Someone will trade for them. Just don't hold your breath on it. These two, along with Dalembert, have horrible contracts that no one wants. If we had to give up a first round pick just to get Minnesota to take Carney, a younger and more promising player than either Green or Evans, who had an expiring contract paying him $1.3 million, there will surely be people lining up to trade for Evans, who is only overpaid by $9 million, or Green, who is overpaid by about $6. Once their contracts expire, they will either play for the league minimum or will be out of the league all together.

As for Holiday, I cited 2 NBA analysts on ESPN, the pre-eminent sports website in the world, and RealGM - that's 3 sources that are more credible than anything else you throw out there. Like Russell Westbrook did last year, guys like Holiday, end up going in the lottery unless there is injury or personal issues (not hard worker, health, drugs, bad kid, etc.). Holiday could go as high as 4 and as low as 14, but he isn't very likely to be around at 17. Plus, he wouldn't necessarily be the best fit in Philly as he's likely 2 years away from being ready to play any significant minutes in the NBA.

If he's there at 17, I'm guessing Sixers take him. I just wouldn't bet on him being around that long.

And Chase Budinger is anything but slow by the way. He doesn't have great lateral movement - particularly on defense, but he's a solid and legit NBA athlete - far above guys like Korver and Kapono, who are valuable NBA shooters. He's no less athletic than a guy like Stephen Curry, and probably more so.

By the way, I meant Thorpe makes money in coaching, not Ford - he already made his money when his site was bought out by ESPN with 300,000 subscribers - he teaches at UH. Thorpe also has Holiday going in the lottery, but I didn't list him because he helps to coach and train at IMG, where Holiday is getting ready for the draft, so that's that on that.

Johnny Flynn's stock seems to be rising though.
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