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Flynn looks like he's shooting up the draft boards. He very well might end up being the best PG in the draft. As for Holiday think about this - what did Westbrook do? He was a freshman PG who was forced to play out of position and was 18 years old. What he does have is great ability and size and tantalizing potential. If he's there at 17, you almost have to take him, but I'm not sure why he would last that long. By the way, Holiday will already be a better defender than Maynor on the NBA level, in spite of age difference. I liked Maynor, but Acie Law keeps coming to mind. A guy who played against inferior competition on a team where he got to dominate the ball a lot and pad his stats. His turnover ratio was on the high side and he's a 6-2 guy who is light, not particularly fast, not very athletic, not very strong, not a great pure shooter, and doesn't have particularly creative or great passing ability. He will be an NBA player, but he might be nothing more than a decent back up and if he pans out, his ceiling is still no better than a middle of the road starter. Sixers can't win with that considering the current make up of the team. I'd rather take a risk on a high ceiling guy - presuming Rubio, Jennings, Flynn, Holiday aren't available, I think I'd take a flyer on Teague if he's there, instead of taking a guy like Maynor. Maybe it's prejudice versus where he played or preference for one great skill over a lot of average ones, but I think I'd take Lawson and Collins over him as well.

Iguodala's stock was all over the place. He was coming out as a sophmore who still had a raw game. Some projected him in the top 5, others as low as 15. That was a result of both, incredible athleticism, and because of how raw he was. That is what I mean by high risk, high reward. Obviously, in the lottery, we're talking about different levels of risk versus second half of the first round.

Actually, I'm not sold on Holiday one bit. I think the comparisons to Westbrook are overblown because while Holiday is a solid athlete, he doesn't have Westbrook's amazing speed or athleticism. I just believe he will be gone by the time the Sixer pick. In fact, I never said Sixers have to take a player with his characteristics - I said he doesn't seem like a good fit. The guy I would rather take a gamble on over Maynor is Teague.

At the end, we don't know who is or isn't going to be there. Trades, injuries, guys pulling out, people amazing or disappointing during workouts - a lot of time to decide. My only points were that I would take a gamble on a very high reward player like Teague over a more NBA ready player like Maynor, who seems to have a lower ceiling, and that based on how these things go, I've read in several places I consider reliable, and judging by prior history, that Holiday will go in the lottery.

Plus, as I read more about all these guys and watch some clips, etc., I'll probably change my mind about a hundred times between today and the draft.
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